Since the first Archangel Summit back in 2016, we’ve heard the most beautiful transformation stories from members of the community who’ve stepped up and bought tickets for other members to attend, that resulted in massive growth.

So we’ve decided to formalize the process and create an official Scholarship Gifting Program, where Archangels can support other Archangels.

Here’s how it works…

The General Admission ticket is $350 CAD.  I’m going to ask scholarship recipients to invest $50 for their ticket (after your application is approved) and with the remaining $300, we’re going to split that members of the community who want to gift tickets to the scholarship recipient (you cover $150, we cover $150).

The result – those more established in the group can step up and help those who need the support.

Our dream is for those who receive a scholarship in 2019 can take what they’ve learned and become donors for the 2020 event, so that the gift gets paid forward year after year.


Click on the button below to submit payment for gifts of $150 per scholarship (up to 10) to support members of the community in attending Archangel Summit. Giovanni will be publicly thanking donors so if you choose to remain anonymous please indicate in the payment form.


Please read all the guidelines below and when you are ready to apply, click on the ‘Apply For Scholarship’ button.

If chosen, our team will send you instructions on reserving your ticket.

Scholarship Guidelines & Application Form

Please read and follow these guidelines carefully when applying for a scholarship award!

Scholarship Availability & Amount of Award

The Archangel Summit scholarship covers the price of a general admission ticket for one person, and not any additional expenses that you may incur. This includes but is not limited to: travel, accommodation, food, etc.  The scholarship recipient will be responsible for paying a nominal fee of $50 towards the ticket,  to show their commitment for attendance.

Scholarship Qualifications

To qualify for this scholarship, prospective participants must complete and submit a scholarship application form, answering all the questions on the form honestly and fully. Those who have already purchased a ticket are are not eligible to receive a scholarship for that ticket retroactively, therefore we only accept scholarship applications from individuals who have not yet purchased a ticket to the event.

Scholarship Application Submissions

Prospective attendees may submit a scholarship application as soon as a particular event is announced. Applications are accepted at any time prior to the event’s start date.

Scholarship Award Notifications

Our scholarship award determinations are made by our scholarship team once we know the size of our award fund for the program and the approximate number of individuals sponsoring this initiative.  We issue our scholarship award notifications by email generally in the final two weeks before the event begins.Therefore, we ask scholarship applicants to be patient and to understand that even if they have applied early, they may have to wait to find out if they have been awarded a scholarship.

Scholarship Application Form

If you have read the above guidelines and you would like to submit an application for a scholarship to offset the registration fees for a general admission ticket to Archangel Summit, and if you are not already registered,  please use the following button to access the online application form: